Forty years ago Dona Stallworth began teaching in a psychiatric hospital and working as part of a milieu therapy team.  This was the  beginning of a long term commitment to working with children who solve problems in ways that don’t fit inside socially acceptable limits.  

In the ensuing years, she’s completed internships in state hospitals and public schools with students with cognitive deficits and autism spectrum disorders.  She’s received her Master’s degree (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas) and Doctorate (The University of Texas, Austin, Texas) specifically in the area of emotional disturbance with a minor in learning disabilities.  She also holds certification as a school administrator and as a cognitive coach.

Dona has taught children and trained teachers and parents across the state of Texas and nationally.  She’s been an adjunct staff member of Texas State University as well as teaching at The University of Texas, Austin while a graduate student there.  For nine years Dona worked at the Education Service Center, Region 13 and on collaborative projects with the Texas Education Agency.  For seven years she was the administrator for an elementary disciplinary alternative education program for a Central Texas school district, and her team was highly successful in returning children to their regular elementary campuses.

By far her favorite work, however, has been working directly with students who want to be successful but struggle with understanding how to make that happen.

Dr. Stallworth works with children (6 thru 12) who are currently experiencing difficulties at home, at school and in their communities.  Working with their parents, families and others involved to support each child’s success is critical to long lasting change.

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